DIY Candy Cane Hot Chocolate Gifts

Hi everyone,

K has made these gorgeous candy cane hot chocolate jars for Christmas gifts this year. Thank you Pinterest and for the inspo.


You will need:

– Mason jars

– Hot chocolate mix

– Crushed up candy canes (peppermint) or other peppermint flavoured lollies.

– Small marshmallows

– Gift tags

– Small spoon

-Brown paper or material or Christmas paper to cover lid

-Twine or ribbon

**Tip: You can add anything you like, Eg: sprinkles, cocoa nibs, white choc, cinnamon, vanilla, coconut, chai latte mix.



– Place hot chocolate mix into mason jar. Make sure it is flattened / compacted down with the flat side of a spoon.

– Layer candy canes/lollies and marshmallows.

– Put lid on jar and cover with paper/material. (K used brown paper and a Christmas stamp to decorate.)

– To hold down the paper/material from previous step, use Christmas coloured twine/ribbon and don’t forget to tie on the spoon.

– Write on gift tag with hot chocolate directions (add 2 scoops of hot choc mix to cup of hot water.) and your Christmas wishes.


**Tip: Be creative! Use a large jar & make a Christmas biscuit mix. Would look super cute with a wooden spoon.




We hope you love our first DIY post.

Happy Saturday!

K&L xo




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